Friday, January 17, 2014

Shot of the Week Winner - Jan 16

Alright, warriors. After a couple of dim-witted errors on my end, the Shot of the Week is up and running! I got word late last night that some of you were submitting your entries and tagging us on facebook, but they weren't showing up. Well now that I figured out how to allow you to share your pics directly on the page, that shouldn't be a problem any more. Please feel free to re-enter and of your great foam warrior pics directly on our facebook page or by tagging us on Instagram and we'll get them in the running for next week!

Congrats to TJ Gerzina for his creative Shot of the Week entry! The caption that came with it was "New line of expanding ammo!!" Now we're going to have to ask him if he bough that car simply because of the color resemblance to a NERF dart! LOL, I 'd love to be able to shoot out a sweet ride when I needed to get somewhere.

Remember, warriors, we'll pick a new Shot of the Week winner every Thursday. Your entries count for next week starting now! ~Chris

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