Monday, February 24, 2020

Livestream from Toy Fair Updates Covering New Products in the Foam Blaster Space

If you have questions on anything ranging from when will the new Halo blasters from Nerf/Hasbro hit shelves to what to expect out of the new clown blaster theme from Far Out Toys, this is the place to look!

NOT SOLD OUT? - Dart Zone Pro MK 1.1

First concerns first: As we broke to you last night on Instagram, top leadership at Prime Toys assures us that the Dart Zone Pro Mk1.1 IS NOT sold out at the time of this writing. There have been several factors that may have affected logistics on one end or another, but we're told issues will work out in less than a couple of weeks and to stay on their social media for updates.

LATEST UPDATE: Dart Zone did end up posting their own video update confirming details of how to secured your own Dart Zone Pro Mk1.1 here:


We're now told that the issue is online inventory. It's a SNAFU with the listing not recognizing what they actually have in inventory. Something that never popped up when Dart Zone supported their own sales of the Mk1.

ACTION ITEM: Per Bryan Sturtevant of Prime Time Toys, Email to hold your place in line and get an alert when target get the inventory problem figured out! I would also recommend clicking the notification button on the listing to get alert when their system get it listed as in stock.

Several users across different platforms have reported back that they got a "canned" or generic e-mail back that confirmed they were in line for a coupon for the darts, but the e-mail also confirms that the blasters are not sold out and that is working on things. I'm hoping to see a video from Prime Time Toys they mentioned to confirm what we learned on the show floor today.

Original Article:

As I got my hands on the Dart Zone Pro for the first time, it immediately began to break down my wall of "it costs too much". The thing is high-end. It feels high-end and fires high-end. Listen to Creative Director Bryan Sturtevant talk about where they are going now:

Have you seen these things in action? Check out what was possibly one of the first ever real booth battles on the main showroom floor at a New York Toy Fair! Dart Zone Pro Mk1.1 in action via a 2v2 grudge match: