Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Tag Zone

Been working on a fun edit this past week about another indoor Nerf arena; The Tag Zone. This place has all sorts of coolness with their themed fields and military-styled depot. The owner sat down with us for a few minutes back in June and I finally got this episode done for you to enjoy:

In the video, he talks about how all they use right now are modified Big Bad Bows and Nite Finders because it makes things simpler. These days the Blazin' Bow and the Firestrike or Sidestrike are close equivalents. What are your go-to "easy" blasters when you want something simple and "deadly" (old or new)?

I really enjoyed talking with Johnny Basco. He's got so much motivation and won't let anything slow him down. Between his military service and his genuine excitement, he brings a unique thing to the table in Seattle. I personally recommend giving the Tag Zone a go with your friends if you get the chance.

On another note:
You know, I wish they still made the NERF flags regularly available too. They've come in handy in our own games and folks like those at Tag Zone put them to good use too. You don't really need a branded flag, but they are nice for their settings and sounds.


The ECS-12 Cam Blaster and others

So Warriors,

In case you missed it on Youtube, we recently got a care package in the mail from our friends over at Nerf. We got a chance to un-box the ECS-12 Cam blaster and also found the Demolisher and the MEGA Thunderbow in the box.

All of these are in testing now and they'll get comprehensive reviews soon! Which one do you want to pick up the most?


Friday, September 5, 2014

Project Scorpius Begins

So, warriors, we can collect blasters and talk about the new stuff until we're blue in the face. However, it really comes down to what we can do with what we have. It's also about having fun. Right? So I've been going after an idea.

The Scorpius Project is a concept that has been in the back of my mind in one way or another since about a year into Click Click BAMF. We thought about bringing out another channel to look directly into mods and the like. We also thought about making a character for the channel so that the same guys weren't advocating mods on one channel and no mods on another channel. We never made the other channel, so a couple of ideas have been hanging out.

Between meeting the Nerf Ninja at Dart Wars and watching one of Basic Nerf's loadout videos, I've been thinking on and working on a loadout/costume of my own. You can see a photoshop/sketch design I've been working out.

One of my favorite elements of the loadout is the Kunai knife bracer from Calamacil. I hadn't seen any warriors around me incorporating these into their wars, so I just had to give it a try. Check out the un-boxing. We'll have a review coming on that too:

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

New Nerf on the Way . . But not quite yet.

So, warriors. There is a fine line when it comes to news and how we share it.

You may be familiar with some Nerf-specific leaks that have come out from China over the years -especially recent years. We try to bring you interesting information as we are able. But we also try not to support physical theft or the theft of intellectual property. Most of those leaks are actually theft. If it looks like fish, smells like a fish and swims like a fish . . . it's probably a fish. 

While we can't ignore news. We will ignore the specific image leak from the Far East that includes the Modulus and other proposed 2015 releases for a little longer while we await some more official news. It's the internet, so the image is out there for you to find and some other blogs and fans are noticing some pretty cool things.

The Modulus sounds like something that was hinted at during our hangout with the NERF leadership earlier this year. They did indicate that they were looking at something big in the vein of accessorizing. I'm also very excited about where some of the MEGA line is going.

More to come! ~Chris

AirForce Blowgun - Blow by Blow Review

Got the chance to get another review up! This time is the AirForce BlowGun from the company with the same name.

I just got done talking with the creators of the BlowGun and they've got some good news. They're checking out new samples from the factory right now that account for left-handed users. In addition, they tell me that a new design on the tube will get rid of the small jamming problem from using too much pressure to pull in a dart.

We should also talk more about the Range category. Becky from AirForce BlowGuns had some good responses to our review that I want to bring up. We should really acknowledge that the Range results will vary based on the individual operator (they include that on the box as well). We tested out the blaster with what I would consider an average force of breath. But the beauty of the blowgun design is that you can vary your breath to change the distance you are firing the darts. I am looking forward to trying this blasters in an upcoming, full-on battle to give it the best workout possible.

Maybe at some point we can add a chronometer and pressure or force measurement to the testing for a more thorough review too.

I'm looking forward to continuing to cover the AirForce BlowGuns. I think things will just keep getting better! ~Chris