Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Tag Zone

Been working on a fun edit this past week about another indoor Nerf arena; The Tag Zone. This place has all sorts of coolness with their themed fields and military-styled depot. The owner sat down with us for a few minutes back in June and I finally got this episode done for you to enjoy:

In the video, he talks about how all they use right now are modified Big Bad Bows and Nite Finders because it makes things simpler. These days the Blazin' Bow and the Firestrike or Sidestrike are close equivalents. What are your go-to "easy" blasters when you want something simple and "deadly" (old or new)?

I really enjoyed talking with Johnny Basco. He's got so much motivation and won't let anything slow him down. Between his military service and his genuine excitement, he brings a unique thing to the table in Seattle. I personally recommend giving the Tag Zone a go with your friends if you get the chance.

On another note:
You know, I wish they still made the NERF flags regularly available too. They've come in handy in our own games and folks like those at Tag Zone put them to good use too. You don't really need a branded flag, but they are nice for their settings and sounds.


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