Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mystery Blaster Talk As UK Toy Fair Wraps Up

Well warriors, the UK Toy Fair Wrapped up couple of days ago. The first and most comprehensive recap for the Nerf presence there I saw was from UK Nerf.

As you can see from UK Nerf's write-up. The rumor mill has begun cranking on a new mystery blaster. Hasbro left that particular space in their display empty when UK Nerf showed up to take a look. My Last Dart is hearing that the code name is NERF Elite Phantom. That might make sense. Phantom was what many early on-line markets called the Retaliator as it was coming out. I wouldn't be surprised if Nerf is recycling "code names" (really just working titles) for blasters like they recycle names for finished products.

Foam From Above will be covering the heck out of the Toy Fair in New York coming up in February. Either we will likely see the mystery blaster debut there, or Nerf will send out info leading up to the fair. I am fairly excited to see what shows up! ~Chris

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