Tuesday, January 21, 2014

NEW Blaster! - Rebelle Agent Bow

The props go UK Nerf for this info. I just had to pass it along because it's super-interesting.

This new bow looks like it may blow any of the other Rebelle products out of the water. As UK Nerf puts it, " . . . a bow powered bow! The foamy gods be praised!"

The description is as follows: "The Nerf Rebelle Agent bow is perfect for high-profile missions that require accuracy and skill. Release the string and watch as the first ever Nerf Rebelle foam-dart arrows soar up to 85 feet across the sky making a whistling sound! For added precision, the Agent Bow features an electronic glowing red dot that provides better aiming accuracy with every shot."

This is pretty exciting news coming out of the makers of NERF! It will be interesting to see if Zing Toys will have something new to do or just keep on keeping on with their successful Z-Curve bow that has come out in the "Air Huntress" version.

Undeniably, the Katniss and Merida craze is still going strong. Not to mention Hawkeye, Green Arrow and others on the male side of things. I'm actually very surprised that Hasbro didn't pick up Best New Toy on the Rebelle Agent bow instead of the Zombie Strike Crossfire.

My one notable concern at this point is for the size of the arrows. You can't really tell much due to the lack of given dimensions, but this could become more of a safety issue (for eyeballs especially) than anything NERF has put out in recent history. Make sure you're using that eye protection! ~Chris

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