Thursday, February 13, 2014

New Tek Recon Blaster?

So, Tek Recon says they'll unveil a new blaster just ahead of the Toy Fair in New York. Some are still loving on them hardcore, which is just fine if you love the product. Last years failures are in the past at this point and we'll see how Tech4Kids comes out in 2014. I am hoping that this new product will be the gateway to more fans. They have a great concept to build from!

The announcement is set to come up on the Tek Recon facebook page at 9am Friday morning. I expect that'll be Eastern time since they are lined up for the Toy Fair, but they don't specify.

Foam From Above will be at the Toy Fair and is lining up his ducks to bring us some great coverage. I personally can't wait to see his thoughts on all the new gear we're hearing about!


  1. it's a shame that there isn't that much love for tek recon, they really worked hard to produce something awesome, and in my opinion succeeded to a point. just because it doesn't sling foam darts doesn't mean its not fun!

    1. I respect the work they did to make something fun. They still had a lot of communications and advertising problems starting out. I am personally looking forward to what their 2nd season is going to be like! ~Chris