Monday, February 17, 2014

BREAKING! - NERF TekStrike, New Tech for Nerf Blasters!

Exciting tech news from the Toy Fair floor, warriors! EyeSpy Toys just gave us a direct heads up on a new product line called Nerf TekStrike. Programmable Smart Darts, hit recognition tech and Bluetooth connectivity. Well, it looks like NERF is taking the next step in wireless play!

This is the "TekStrike Storm Shield" which attaches as an accessory to any NERF tactical rail. With the use of Bluetooth and RFID tech, the Smart Darts are tracked all across the field. Apparently we will be able to assign HIT points to a shooter/player and then the Shield will track hits and damage.

I am interested to see if this technology will be as easy to use as they say. Apparently you mark darts as yours by just swiping them against your own Storm Shield and start firing. You also can use your smartphone to keep track of stats and do upgrades as you earn them. They say all of this will be free (instead of purchasing upgrades like with Tek Recon).

EyeSpy says that the suggested price for the Storm Shield will be $24.99 and it will be ready in the Fall (August 2014).

Well warriors, it looks like we have the beginning of the possible flood of accessories we've been hoping for. What do you think? Would you be willing to try this enhancement to your gameplay?

Keep an eye on coverage from F2A! He already checked out this technology and will have exclusive images and rundowns on it from the Toy Fair floor! What I am loving about Foam From Above is that Vas is running down every lead he can to bring you full coverage! His instagram is flooding with pics and footage.

Product Overview
Nerf TekStrike from EyeSpy Toys is an exciting new attachment for NERF blasters. With programmable Smart Darts, patented hit recognition technology and Bluetooth connectivity,  Nerf TekStrike turns the backyard into an advanced wireless playing field.

Key Features
·         The Nerf TekStrike Storm Shield attaches to any NERF blaster's tactical rail and casts an invisible sensory grid over the entire playing field.
·         The Nerf TekStrike system works with Smart Darts, which each contain a programmable RFID chip.
·         Using Bluetooth and RFID technology, the Smart Darts can be tracked. As a dart hits the Storm Shield, the type of ammo it was hit with and who the shooter was, are recorded, displaying the damage on the built-in LCD screen and sending the appropriate HIT points to the shooter’s screen.

Game Play
·          To start playing, select an ammo type, wirelessly program the Smart Darts by swiping against the Nerf TekStrike Storm Shield and then begin firing at the opponents shield, instantaneously being alerted of successful shots. 
·         The single player training mode allows individuals to improve their accuracy to get ready for the next battle.
·         When players are ready for advanced battle scenarios, they can use a smart phone or tablet as a remote base to unlock new weapons, track team stats and select mission objectives – all available with the free Nerf TekStrike app download.
·         For the full video game experience, players can attach a smart phone to the Nerf TekStrike Storm Shield for GPS tracking, blaster upgrades, accuracy stats and more!
Pricing / Availability
·         Suggested Retail Price: $24.99
*Includes the Nerf TekStrike Storm Shield and 10 Smart Darts
·         Availability: August, 2014
·         Recommended Age: 8+

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