Monday, February 3, 2014

NEW! NERF Derringer? - Zombie Strike DoubleStrike

The next in the new NERF announcements has come out. This time, the folks at got the scoop at the Nuremberg Toy Fair (Spielwarenmesse). Meet the latest Zombie Strike pistol to show up.

The similar look to a Remington-based derringer pistol is a fun novelty with this blaster. I am not sure yet whether this will fire darts out of two barrels at once or what. Maybe there's a chance that it will have a graduating trigger so that you can hold one shot? The original Remington Double Derringer (Model 95) had a bar that would alternate to act as a firing pin for the two separate chambers. I doubt that they have a moving AR system to launch the darts in the Doublestrike, but perhaps they do employ the "smart AR" system that we saw come out of the Rough Cut and the Triad.

(The official release about this blaster is at the bottom of the full article.)

The other point of a derringer, based off of gunsmith Henry Deringer's name, was the "pocket pistol" design. These were meant to be an easily concealable firearm. Just guesstimating the size on the Doublestrike, I would say that its fairly comparable with the Hammershot rather than a small, concealable pistol. I think the Jolt still takes the cake for a NERF pocket pistol. It also has the same looking style of hammer on the back there. I'm not sure what would make me choose this over the Hammershot, but we'll see once I get one in my hands. The Sidestrike surprised me after I said that I wouldn't be choosing another sidearm after the Hammershot. So I'll be holding my tongue to avoid having to eat my words again!

This would like be tempting to pick up for any NERF collector. Not to mention all of the cosplay or NERF film possibilities! Will you be after one of these? ~Chris

(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $9.99/Available: Fall 14)
When zombies are on the loose, double dart firing power is a necessity. Load two ZOMBIE STRIKE darts into the DOUBLESTRIKE blaster, pull back on the hammer mechanism, and fire to unleash both darts in a row! Blaster includes two ZOMBIE STRIKE darts. Available at most retailers nationwide and

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  1. I dont understand the fall release date
    I would think they would want to release at the end of spring
    summer is when the big outdoor events happen