Monday, February 10, 2014

Shot of the Week Winner!

February 8th Winner

Randall Slinkard on facebook pulled out the win for his awesome Shot of the Week entry! I loved this one from the moment I saw it. I have to admit that the Attacknid creatures are simply awesome -even if they cheat at Chess! This one in particular is the Combat Creatures Attacknid Doom Razor. I'm interested in picking on up too!

Warriors! Remember to get your shot of the week entries in by Thursday night every week. But if we get stuck doing something else, we may include weekend entries as well. Have a great week and remember to snap your favorite foam moments on camera! ~Chris

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  1. Please note that there is a version of Attacknid that fires disks and one that fires Nerf darts. The dart version is normally blue. The red version, which looks way cooler, is at Target...the range of it's flywheel armament gets Elete ranges.