Monday, December 16, 2013

Vulcan is Back? Why?

Well Warriors, you may have seen from some of our fellow bloggers that Argos in the UK has listed a new NERF Elite Vulcan for upcoming sale. They actually call it the "NERF N-Strike Elite Havoc Vulcan". Though the color scheme that Argos pictures is much more akin to the Whiteout Series that NERF released ahead of the new Elite blasters. On second thought, the color looks almost exactly like those Max Force spit-wad blasters that came out a couple of seasons ago.

I really want to see how this Elite version of the Vulcan will behave when matched up against the N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike. One would have to assume that the speed and accuracy will be updated, but will even an updated Vulcan have a chance against the speed of the Rapidstrike? In an old head-to-head video, we actually awarded the win to the Vulcan over the Stampede because of weight and versatility among other things. I'm not so sure that the fight would come out the same way with these Elite blasters.

Now, I'm not saying that I have no interest in the new Vulcan. Come on now, the idea of a belt-fed blaster is just too cool to stay away from. Maybe we will finally have a realistic turret weapon to use if it's fast enough.

Also, NERF has done a fairly good job of getting the prices of even their premiere blasters to an acceptable level. So even the average player may be able to get in on this.

Thoughts? ~Chris


  1. Honestly I would have preferred to see a redesign of the Vulcan or a totally new belt fed blaster rather than a repaint of a blaster that has been around since the dawn of n-strike.

    1. That's a good point, Rolley. They did, after all, give us a good visual update between the Rapidstrike and the Stampede. Thanks for the thoughts! ~Chris

  2. Rapidstrike is better because IT shoots 3,4 dart per second And elite vulcan only 3 darts.
    Rapidstrike shoots over 20 metres And elite vulcan only 15 metres But elite vulcan have 25 darts And Rapidstrike only 18 But to Rapidstrike you can Put clip from raider With 35 darts

  3. do you know how much it will cost?