Thursday, December 19, 2013

NERF in the News!

I just happened across two examples of NERF in pop culture and news last night and had to share. It's not uncommon to see these products show up in skits and sketches and the such, but it is fun to see!

First, I was in the newsroom at work and looked up to see a NERF Retaliator show up in one of the news stories. This one is about a town giving people licenses to shoot down government drones. Deer Trail, Colorado has been making the news a lot because of it. I'm not sure why he had a NERF blaster when there were plenty of real guns around, but it was cute and all. KDVR in Denver has a story about it. I'll let you make your own judgement on the actual story, but I thought it was funny that this guy was using a blaster to get his point across.

(More NERF in the news after the jump.)

The next was The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central. There was a whole skit in there about The Hunger Games in real life. It was a political skit and I'm not going to get into the political argument it represents.

But while they were trying to represent a spoof of a dystopian society, they ended up showing a scene that is generally common on playgrounds. Kids were running around with toys. Check out the MEGA Centurion and the Elite Rapidstrike. It looks like one of the NERF N-Force swords made it in with the kid on the slide as well.

In the next scene, a girl is using a Blazin' Bow from NERF to get the drop on other kids in "training". The field "reporter" in the skit takes the Blazing Bow and hands her a mocked up crossbow with a flaming arrow instead.

Anyone ever do a Hunger Games party with NERF? Where else have you seen NERF popping up in pop culture and news? ~Chris

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