Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Deal Alert: Strongarms at Target!

Hey Warriors!

I just needed to give you a heads up about a NERF sale I happened upon. If you were watching twitter, you may have already seen this. Target's whole NERF stock was "Buy One, Get One 50% Off", but the Strongarms were even better. They dropped their Strongarms to eight (8) bucks and still let the BOGO at 1/2 price work. Picked me up another bunch of Strongarms for cheap!

A friend tells me that even though the sale was only listed through 12/14, some of the Targets are still doing it through the weekend! Worth a shot. This works out to getting two Strongarms for less than the price of one. I'm not usually a Target customer, but it was great to walk in see awesome deals. I am more and more impressed by them. Not to always harp on Toys R Us, but please check your other retailers before spending any money there. Deals like these are going on based on fair original prices. TRU had a sale too, but it was "Buy One, Get One 40% Off" on their blasters -most of which are marked up at least 10%.

What other good deals are you warriors seeing out there? ~Chris

Random note: Target still calls it the Strong Arm while calls it the Strongarm. Interesting difference when you try web searches both ways.

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