Sunday, December 22, 2013

Desert Eagle of NERF? MEGA Magnus Un-boxing

Hey Warriors! Here is yet another unboxing for you. The NERF N-Strike Elite MEGA Magnus has been showing up in stores like Target and Walmart. In fact, I saw Walmart with an entire shelf of them mixed with Strongarms at the front of the store last night. In the video, I said we picked this one up at Target, but it was actually Walmart too.

Like many of the new NERF sidearms, the MEGA Magus is suggested to retail at $14.99. Certainly a far cry from the $50 MSRP they want you to spend of the MEGA Centurion. Of course, several of the retailers dropped that to about $40 recently too.
(UPC Pic after the jump)

NERF is really good at sidearms. As I said in the un-boxing blog for the Zombie Strike Sidestrike, I thought it was all over when the Zombie Strike Hammershot came out, but these new blaster have really cool things about them too! I'm really looking forward to the tests and full review we'll bring to you!

I have found the best price locally at Walmart for 14.97. Other stores including Amazon carry it as well. ~Chris


  1. Target has them for 14.99, likely across the board with the exception of the few locations that have different pricing on everything; if their site says that store pickup is available, either there are a few on the shelf when you get there or someone bought them all and they haven't put more out yet.

    1. Yep. That's about right. Thanks for the input, BLACKOUT!