Thursday, June 4, 2015

Dude Perfect at NERF HQ

This week, Hasbro released some shots of a visit from Dude Perfect to their HQ. It's nothing to stupendous as far as cool shots or anything, but there are a couple of cool things to see!

(Stew Milne/AP Images for Hasbro)
You can see the Rotofury just hanging out on the table there while the team meets fans and signs autographs. We haven't seen any trick shots with the new blaster yet.

We can tell you that the Rotofury has been spotted on store shelves at least in Hong Kong.  Check out our previous entry for that article.

(Stew Milne/AP Images for Hasbro)
I like this shot a lot for a few reasons. It's unique in the way that it's shot and all the attention is on the subjects. Tyler Toney from Dude Perfect is all about the concentration here. I wonder how the guys from Dude Perfect envision the shot in their head sometimes before they pull off those popular tricks.

Even cooler in my mind is the pure look of enjoyment on Hasbro's Sam Proctor right there. If you can't enjoy the heck out of your product you should probably be looking for something else to do with your time. More and more these days, I am finding moments to smile like this.

(Stew Milne/AP Images for Hasbro)
The reason this image is cool is what it hints at. There are multiple shots that Dude Perfect pulls off, but the coolest videos are those when they do multiple shots in combination.  I am trying to figure out what combination of shots they will accomplish with the two balls they are holding and the MEGA Cycloneshock.

Our friends at NERF tell us that Dude Perfect took over the cafeteria at the HQ to pull of their latest. So, I expect we'll be seeing new videos soon! ~Chris

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