Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Flameless Fireworks? - The Firetek Rocket!

Cool treat here, warriors. Our friends at Zing sent us a Firetek Rocket system recently and urged us to give it a try. We just had to get some night tests going ASAP.

The Firetek Bow from Zing! was already a lot of fun. I think this gives a lot of fun too at a little lower cost. Though, the Rocket is really not designed to use as a weapon so much as it is built to be a fun launcher. The thing is that you can't fire Rockets from the bow while you CAN fire Arrows from the Rocket sling. So, I would recommend buying extra Zing Firetek Arrows and using them in both of these products so that others can fire them back! I might argue that you can use this as a weapon is some cases -like when you have "explosives" rules in play at Dart Warz or other places where you are using bunkers and the like. More to come on that.

I titled this as "Flameless Fireworks" because I think you can get almost as much fun out of just watching this thing at night as firing it. But what are we missing? More colors!!!

(More after the link!)

If you don't fire this right, you do risk getting some pain on your thumb area like I did. When holding the slingshot piece, you have to pretty much point your thumb at your chest and then flick it toward the sky at the same time you release the Rocket with your other hand.

My wife found another alternative too! You can also fire this by holding it sideways so that you avoid crossing your thumb with the Rocket altogether. No flicking of the wrist involved with that method, though you do lose a little distance. This may be the best choice for younger warriors or those that are less coordinated (me?).

We definitely are going to put this system through our famous five categories of Speed, Range, Accuracy, Appearance and Value. There is a lot more to say about this one.

For now, suffice it to say that this is as much fun as it says it is! MSRP of $20. You can grab it in a lot of local stores! Or, if you are in a hurry, here (for $5 less on Amazon Prime):


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