Thursday, June 19, 2014

NERF Summer Gear Drop 2014

Warriors. We were lucky enough to get a new box from NERF this week. Check out some of the swag! Nerf threw a limited print T-shirt our way. Really just going to spam these up. with a little commentary.

The letter we got, signed by a Hasbro VP, tells us that this is a limited print T-shirt that won't be in stores. I'll wear this proudly!

They made sure to include another Super Soaker Double Drench after I told them we were getting a kick out of the first one they sent.

You see we got a second Ultimate NERF blaster book. Methinks there will be a book giveaway soon at Click Click BAMF!

Nerf dog football. I scared the heck out of my cats and myself when I discovered this was a squeaky toy at  in the morning!
NERF Hat. Represent.
 NERF water bottle. Gots to stay hydrated with all that warring. Seriously, make sure you drink enough water in the hot weather guys. Even in a water fight, you're getting dehydrated.

This NERF poster is cool. It makes me think of a lot of 80's and 90's designs I grew up with. Check out the blaster silhouette on it. Makes me think of our logo just a bit!

I've had my eye on the walkie-talkies for a while. Now we get to see how they hold up on foam combat! Have you had any experience with them? Let me know!

Keep your eyes open warriors. Within a day, I'll have highlights from an exclusive hangout some other bloggers and I got to have with some folks at NERF HQ. Even more new NERF coverage coming within a week from now! And about that giveaway? New details in the next blog! ~Chris

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