Friday, June 27, 2014

Demolisher and Others Available Online

Check out, warriors. It holds all of the blasters we just saw at the Nerf All Access event last night! You need to see #nerfallaccess on social media for other little tidbits. Don't worry, we're working on more video too!

The Nerf Elite 2-in-1 Demolisher is listed at it's MSRP of $39.99. It comes with 10 Elite darts for the banana clip and two missiles -one for the chamber and one for the storage.

The missile launcher definitely brings the intimidation factor back like the Titan used to show off. If you want an updated Stryfe with the added joy of a launcher, this is your new main.

The Nerf MEGA Thunderbow is listed at $39.99 too. To be clear, when Amazon says the blaster fires 5 darts at a time, they mean in a row -not at once.

I really look forward to getting the Thunderbow. Along with the bow from the Rebelle line, I think it this will be the first time NERF has given us a completely new option. The Zing bows really do get some competition with this one.

The NERF Cam ECS 12 also showed up on Amazon. It lists as The Nerf Pro-Cam. The folks at NERF HQ told us that this will remain as an online-only blaster for now, so don't bother waiting for it to show up in stores.

The price-point is still really high on this one. You're looking at dropping $70 on it. The performance was really good at the All Access event. 70 bucks good? I'm still not sure.

The Slingfire was also listed on Amazon, but it went back to "currently unavailable" at the moment. The Slingfire is back up on Amazon too! This one seems like a lot of fun. Using it, you get a great feel like you are in a cross between the wild west and post apocalyptica. And have you seen the trick shots that Vas the Stampede and F2A was pulling off?

The NERF Attacknid was at the event too, but was still a prototype. For now I still have my eyes set on the Stealth Stryder from Combat Creatures. A designer with the NERF Attacknid told me that they worked to simplify the NERF version. It won't have all the bells and whistles, but should function well for everybody.

Any specific one of these you're going after? ~Chris

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