Thursday, June 26, 2014

NERF All Access Party - Thunderbow

Warriors! I had to keep it "hush-hush" until the day of, but we have plenty of video and pics from the NERF All Access party that just happened tonight in New York.

NERF was awesome enough to invite a select group of bloggers out for yet another kickoff of some of their flagship blasters for the season.

Among the other products was the MEGA Thunderbow. Honestly, I had somewhat forgotten about it because it feels like forever since it was announced. Well, I certainly won't forget it now!

Not only am I impressed by all of the physical qualities, this blaster also has the potential to completely kick ass and take names. Just look at what we did with a few seconds of fooling around.

What trick shots are you hoping to try?

More NERF info coming out of the event soon! And don't forget the facebook contest we announced. (Hint: Look at the blog about the Google Hangout for the information!)

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