Monday, July 29, 2013

Sighting Report - Centurion, Rapidstrike Hit Store Shelves in Michigan

So Warriors, I didn't see any of the newer blasters hit store shelves in Colorado this past week, but I did make a sighting in Lansing, Michigan. The Meijer stores there beat any of my local stock in the Mountain Division of Click Click BAMF. Hopefully we'll see them on shelves closer to home soon.
Also, the price tag for the N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike was up. So, Michiganders will be seeing that beast soon too. The Rapidstrike is part of the recent package that NERF sent us, so that review will be on the way shortly as well! I must say that the blaster has impressed me greatly. This will be a game changer for some warriors. It cetainly is an improvement over the Stampede in many ways.
We've been getting a lot of your requests for specific reviews and we'll see about getting some of those done ASAP. I wish we could get to some of them sooner, but you know how the demands of life can be!

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