Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Centurion Arrives! - NERF N-Strike Elite MEGA Centurion Un-boxed


I've got a treat for you: The first actual comprehensive video of a MEGA Centurion un-boxing! Some of us in the blogging community are lucky enough to get a first look at these babies before they hit shelves. Speaking of which, check out Foam From Above's pic spam on the blaster. Glad to try this thing out on video! Check out the noise from it!! We even changed the opening logo sound effect this time in honor of it.

Well, What do you think guys? Any first impressions? Any questions burning in your mind. I'll have a unique opportunity to directly ask some of those questions for you in the next little while. ~Chris


  1. Love the upgraded click click sound!! haha gj bros :D

    Thanks for the review, I love the work you do, you fellas do such a thorough job! :)

  2. that is a freaking long draw but looks so easy to prime

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  4. I want the nerf long strike cs6!!!!!!!!!!!!!