Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Master of the Range?

We finally got the review up on the Buzz Bee Range Master. This came out at the time that NERF was first producing their Elite series of blasters. Check out the video for our breakdown of how this blaster performs in the categories of Speed, Range, Accuracy, Appearance and Value.

Did you see what this thing hits with its new suction darts in the Range category? While this blaster gets the good ranges, I'm still not sure it's a "sniper" blaster. If the Centurion gets what it claims and performs well with the Mega darts, it think it will out-class the Range Master. Accuracy? Yeah, this thing owns. As mentioned in the video, the scope can be used too -I'd say to better effect than the old NERF scopes.

This blaster really shows up. especially for the $18 price! ~Chris

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