Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lessons Learned at Click Click Soak

Hey Warriors!

We hope your weekend was great and full of foam and water fights! As you may have read, we had our Click Click SOAK water war in Colorado Springs on Saturday. Loads of fun all around and lots of soakage. This gave us a chance to test out the Switch Shot, Arctic Shock, Shot Wave and Flash Blast blasters from this season's releases. Special thanks to our contacts with NERF for the support on this war! Much was learned.

First off, we forgot the sunscreen! It was a long enough winter that most of us didn't even think about the need for protection from the Sun. We were out there for about 3 and a half hours, so the glowing globe did it's work. I'm still feeling it as I write this. Even the guys who did get sunscreen on forgot to re-apply it. Remember, you're probably going to need more sunblock when swimming or water fighting! LOL

At the same time, we learned that the Arctic Shock is a good name. That extra wide mouth on the Arctic Shock water clip really helped get as much ice as possible in to the game. There were quite of few moments of shock on the field :)

Then we come to the Flash Blast. Love the look of this blaster. It is advertised as a way to sneak in a good shot and that's what it works best as. When my wife arrived to the event, I pulled it from where it was tucked in the back of my pants and shot her in the lens of her glasses. Shenanigans were immediately declared! I kept it nearby as a backup for a lot of the war. I figure My Last Dart could appreciate the strategy! Check out the POV video with the Flash Blast above. The sneak attack part can be fun, but I think you may get more out of the 2.6 fluid ounces in the Electrostorm (see video at the top) than you do out of the 3.7 ounces in the Flash Blast. Urban Taggers also has a pretty good rant about this blaster.

In the near future, I'll have reviews worked out for the new water blasters. Look for them throughout this season. Also, check the blog in about a week to see who won the war! ~Chris

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