Friday, June 28, 2013

NERF MEGA Party Pic Spam


As you may have seen trending under #nerfmega last night, The Summer Bash welcoming the NERF MEGA Centurion and the other coming star blasters happened! It was a pleasure to meet up with some of our counterparts from all over the US.

To tide you over, here is the consolidated pic spam from last night. More to come on the tidbits we learned about and some thoughts on the Rapidstrike, Rebelle line, Centurion et cetera! You'll see many people from the NERF blogging community.  It was great to meet the Basic Nerf and Shining Foam guys in person too. Look for much camera work on the Click Click BAMF Youtube channel from Shining Foam and Chris' cam work on Shining Foam. We were able to team up for some fun stuff!

See Vas the Stampede from F2A (Foam From Above)?! He's one chill dude!

Look for cameos in the above video from Adult Fans of Nerf and Basic Nerf. This party was quite the Summer Bash! All the different colors of head bands etc. are from an on-going contest during the night.
Team Orange didn't win. They rejected my demand for a recount.

I was pretty dang impressed by the style of this NERF Mega Summer Bash. They even had snow cones named after blasters. Going to have to try to recreate the mango, chili and lime one!

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