Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Upcoming Nerf Wars in Iowa

What's up Warriors?!

I guess you could call this more of a public service announcement. There are several place to find these details, but I figured I'd consolidate some of them here too. More and More Nerf Wars are being announced in Iowa! See a list/calendar at the end of this article.

I just got a chance to play with a new group in Des Moines last weekend and it was a blast ... pun absolutely intended. Nerf Des Moines Iowa or NerfDMI for short is playing in a pretty nice park near the state capitol. It's totally worth coming by if you're in the area or within traveling distance. They might have to shutdown for winter after November, but are looking for some options to continue playing indoors.

I regularly do searches for foam wars in Iowa and I am pleased to say that there is a chance to fill up your calendar with Nerf engagements if you are willing to travel a little bit. This list is by no means, exhaustive and I'd love to add to it (just send me an e-mail!).

Fair warning, I have not been to events with all of these groups. Pay special attention to any rules or limits on their websites. Some people don't let adults play because... Trix are for kids?

Every THURSDAY - Nerf War at Thirsty Thursdays Dollar Days, Spicoli's Reverb (Waterloo)

Oct 26 - Nerf Battle, Marshalltown Public Library (Marshalltown)

Nov 2 - Carnegie-Stout Public Library Capture the FLAG (Dubuque)

Nov 7 - Family NERF Attack, Indianola Public Library (Indianola)

Nov ? - Tentative Nerf War from Nerf DMI (Des Moines)

Nov 21 - NERF Attack! Grades 6-12 only (Indianola)

Nov ? - Tentative Nerf War from Cedar Valley Nerf Enthusiasts (Cedar Falls)

Nov 27 - Fall NERF Tactical at Usher's Ferry (Cedar Rapids)

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