Wednesday, October 23, 2019

New Nerf Group in Des Moines!

This past weekend, I was excited to finally get out and play some nerf with others again.

Nerf DMI is a group that plays in Des Moines. They've been working on getting monthly or bi-monthly games going with some growing success. It's been put on by this cool dude in the picture to the left.

Check out the video below. It's just one round of fun where I pulled out a Dart Zone Powerball ball blaster from Prime Toys. I swear that thing can still keep up. Biggest problem I ran into was finding the bright orange ammo in the grass. You wouldn't think it would be the issue that it was! I only occasionally met a jam and that was easily remedied with their jam release. In a different round I ended up kind of baiting a player because I was jammed, but cleared so easily that I hit him with both rounds that came out after I fixed it. What do you think I should run in the next war?

Unfortunately, just three of us were playing for the round you see in my video. It had just been raining and cold all morning, so I'm glad the other guys took a chance to come out and play too. Next time around I think they'll have cardboard bunkers up and the organizer wants to try "Juggernaut vs Rocket Man". It's an Endwar variation on "Terminator" for those of us who've been around for a bit :). Sounds like we might get a chance to play again in November, if the weather holds out.

There's been another player videoing at games before too. Props to meow1231325 for the full gameplay footage from a previous game. Check out his channel for other nerf videos too.

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