Thursday, October 17, 2019

OFFICIAL Touring Nerf Arena Warfare?

Some great news for any warriors that have been following Nerf's foray into formalized arena combat. They are making their US debut this December (2019) to kick off a 2020 tour across the US and Canada. Tickets go on sale on October 28th! The LA Event starts December 7th with future dates still to be announced. Check out the link at the end of this article for more!

Now, this isn't to be confused with the Nerf Xperience Arena that was launched in Singapore earlier this month and is said to be coming to the US in late 2020. That's apparently a whole different thing. Those will be permanent "Family Entertainment Centers".

As for this touring experience, a release from the PR folks says there will be a huge stage inside a 50,000 square foot pop-up. "Surrounding the stage will be three themed arenas: Urban Playground, Strange Cargo, and Blast Man Standing, where visitors team up and compete in various challenges powered by various NERF-centric equipment."
The event is in partnership with Kilburn Live which has previous experience with illusionists, dinosaur shows, and even Power Rangers. Clearly this will be geared toward kids, but there may be several this for adults to get a kick out of.

Nerf Challenge Urban Playground Arena (4,500 square feet)
(Photo: Business Wire)
Check out the rendering for their arena concept; Urban Playground. This is certainly a bit edgier than some of their previous arenas they rolled out in the late 2000's. You can see skate ramps and construction barriers littered throughout. I would imagine the actual experience will have softer versions of these ideas in there. It will be more like an homage to an urban war zone.

Arena combat won't be the only thing offered at this exclusive Nerf event.
Among the interactive activations set for the debut are:
  •  Dodge Blast – Partner up and storm a fortified position held by your friends using NERF blasters to score points on stationary targets all while avoiding a barrage of darts.
  • The Arenas – Grab a blaster and take your team to victory in one of three custom themed 4,500 square foot NERF arenas: Urban Playground, Strange Cargo, and Blast Man Standing.
  •  Colossal Foosball – Enter a single plane of existence as you compete with your friends in a life-sized game of foosball.
  • Wrecking Bowling – Bowling with a twist as you become a human wrecking ball with a single purpose: scoring the elusive strike!       
  • Try-athlon Ninja Style Circuit Course – The ultimate test of speed and agility, this soft play obstacle course is designed to put your athletic prowess to the test.

A website is live now to either show your interest in the LA debut or to sign up for future tour dates. Check out

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