Friday, February 23, 2018

The Nerf Neophyte

Hmm. Maybe this on never technically posted. Welcome Corbin Millard to the Click Click BAMF team. Corbin is just getting into Nerf for the first time as a "kiddult". He told me that he was really tempted by the ammo and the sleekness of the new blaster designs. So here we unboxed and reviewed the Nerf Rival Hera.

We talked about terminology in the video a little bit. As you may know, we say things like rounds, dart and ammo instead of bullets. We also refer to the toys overall as blasters. While these are reminiscent of guns, they are toys. We want to separate them for those who need to know the differences!

You can check out the Hera and the Hera Battle Gear Bundle through our affiliate links here.

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