Monday, May 13, 2013

Click Click SOAK - Our Own Super Soaker Block Party

A few days ago, we were turned down by the folks at to host a Super Soaker Block Party. It's not like it stopped us from hosting our own party -which happens on June 1st.

Got to say it kind of sucked being turned down to do the thing we, as a company, are built to do. Example: check out our pic spam blog of the new Super Soaker products on shelves! Not only that, but the application process was screwed up and House Party's tech support failed at life. I don't know that we'll be trying again in the future with that particular company. That's not because we were turned down -there are parameters that a company like that and the sponsors agree to. We may have just not fit the profile. It's because of their lack of support and their ineffective communication.

Our friends at NERF are awesome enough to support us in our own party and we'll have the bigger blasters around thanks to that. So warriors, expect our debut of NERF Super Soaker Reviews near June 1st. If you are in or near the Colorado Springs area, feel free to join us. We're be at a local park. Check the event out on facebook! What do you think would make a great Super Soaker party?

BTW, we also decided it was worth a shot to see if the Frito-Lay company would go ahead and support us too. They don't generally take requests for sponsorship. So, we'll see how that turns out.

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