Friday, January 13, 2012

New Additions to the Super Soaker Line

As Winter is in full swing in the Northern hemisphere, NERF announces it's 2012 additions to their Super Soaker line. Remember that there are several NERF and Super Soaker fans where it's nice and warm out, too! Over the past week, they've been trickling pictures of the water blasters out through their facebook page.

NERF announced the first new member of the Super Soaker line as the Electrostorm. The water clip is built in to this blaster with a 2.6oz capacity. This seems to be screaming "side arm" to most of us. It is a battery powered pistol, so no pumping required. I'm not sure you can call it a Super Soaker at this size, but we'll look at that later. This little guy claims a range of 25ft. Probably easier with batteries. As you can see, the new releases carry on the blue, white and orange color  scheme introduced last year. All the new release so far use names referring to some type of meteorological event -mostly to do with water, but not always.

I've got to pick on NERF a little bit with their description of the new Microburst blaster. They say, "it holds two ounces of water with which to soak your opponents."

I don't really think that will count as soaking. They could probably say that it will annoy your opponent, or maybe even make them shriek like a girl (if you use really cold water). But I don't really think the has the capacity to soak. Still, it will be in my collection proudly. It's noteworthy that they've added a blaster small enough to pocket to their water blaster line, but I wonder if it will hold it's water well enough to be pocketed for good use?

Perhaps the most exciting part of the line for me personally is the new stock attachment that comes with the Lightning Storm. It looks much more like a tactical rifle stock than anything else that has been released and would fit very nicely with several of the N-Strike blasters -color notwithstanding. C'mon NERF, let's see those N-Strike color schemes!! The new blast shield looks like it should work comfortably with several NERF tactical rails also. In addition to the new stock, we see that this one has a drum water clip that boasts a 35-ounce capacity. That the biggest capacity in the current line. It looks like this clip will be compatible with the other clip-fed Super Soakers too! Let's see if they sell it separately.  As other blogs have pointed out, this blaster sure looks reminiscent of last year's Thunderstorm release. (A little lightning? A little thunder? Movie reference anyone?)~Chris

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