Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lumitron On The Shelves 1st of February

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I inadvertently got my hands on some info today. This is from a sheet I found at the local Walmart that someone was using to organize the toy shelves. Looks like they've got some confusion as to the name of the NERF Lumitron. But, of course, the important part is that we'll be getting our hands on the Lumitron earlier than expected, at least in Colorado Springs. Too bad I couldn't just get copies of these things regularly!! I don't know about you, but I've fallen in love with the firefly tech in the Rayven and can't wait to see it's performance with the Vortex discs.

They also had a price label up for the Lumitron. It will ring at 32.88 US in Colorado Springs Walmarts -the same as they are carrying the Rayven for. No mention on that paperwork for any other "Light It Up" blasters. Wonder if we're going to get any others for that 3.3.12 release date. ~Chris

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