Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Behind the Zombie Strike Crosscut

So, warriors, the N-Strike Elite Dual-Strike was not the only Spring 2016 release we got the heads up about. You may have see the first peek at the Nerf Zombie Strike Crosscut on our youtube channel from a couple days ago. It's a single-shot blaster (two-barreled) that incorporated a rubber-foam blade that actually spins. The blaster will help us ring in the new year at $14.99.

The video is below again in case you are curious.

The Crosscut brings even more of that pulpy fiction feel to Nerf's first theme-based line. They've had success so far, so it makes sense that they would keep pushing in that direction. Due to safety and complication, many HvZ games don't incorporate melee rules (especially for humans). This could be fun for those who do. Plus, it's just got a lot of cool factor going for it -what some would call gimmicky. I am wondering how will it would hold up to the constant abuse that some will put it under. We'll soon find out!

The team showed us a many of the designs of the Crosscut that took them to the finished model. You can see a lot of them here on paper and the physical models they made. Check out the different colors of blades there with the sticky notes on them. They were experimenting with everything from foam thickness, to varying degrees of the "blade" angle to cost effectiveness as they tried each one.

Another fun aside; They actually had to work to make sure that the blade would make noise. There was just something missing from the experience when you could see a blade move, but not hear it.

I don't know about you, but that black and blue combo is pretty cool too. Now if only we could get a special edition!

Below is a verbatim of the tiny write-up we got so far on the thing. The official release will be coming soon with high resolution images, but there is a lot more spam of the pics I shot for you inside HQ further below. ~Chris

Zombie Strike CrossCut blaster
(SRP: $14.99/Available: Spring 2016)
  • Double barrel zombie blasting
  • Spinning SawBlade
  • Includes 4 Zombie Strike darts

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