Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Huntsman

Hey Warriors! Check out this latest review from us here at Click Click BAMF. I was planning to get to this review a long time ago, but other stuff got in the way. But here it is now! It's the Lanard Hunstman 50 (or Commando 12).

Sadly, There still isn't a great stock sniper blaster out there. This one comes close -especially in looks.

And a heads up; We're bringing our "Shot of the Week" back at the end of the coming week. As you know, we started the weekly invite just after the new year. We took our Spring Break early so that we could bring you more material during actual Spring breaks in our area. More material coming about Nerf, Dart Warz Centennial, Lanard and others!


  1. Hey, would you prefer the EAT or the Rampage

    Thanks, Ryan

    1. I've got to say EAT on that one! What would be even better is a Rampage or Pyragon handle on the pump for the EAT. ~Chris