Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sighting Report - Sonic ICE Series

Vincent cook on youtube asked me the other day if I had seen the new Sonic ICE series from NERF on store shelves yet. I hadn't, but Toys'R'Us noted that the series was available for pick-up at the store in Colorado Springs. Sure enough, they've made it to shelves. I don't know what my local TRU guys are thinking because this new line is tucked on a bottom shelf under some of their Air Zone products. They're on the other end of the aisle from all the rest of the NERF!  These are a Toys'R'Us exclusive blasters, so you would think they'd be placed prominently on the shelves like their original Sonic Series blasters have been for the last couple of years.

Mini-rant: Personally I think that stores should be required to do a certain amount of featuring and promotion of their exclusive products. Why should they have exclusive contracts if they aren't going to show the product off?

Mini-Rant 2: Why are these called Sonic ICE? There is nothing Sonic about them. Of course, there was nothing sonic about the original Sonic Series either (the translucent green blasters, exclusive to Toys R Us), but we had come to accept the name in the Nerf Internet realms. Now they come out with these ICE blasters and I figure they should have just kept the name at ICE. LOL, oh well.

Anyway, you can see the Hail-Fire in the picture above. Personally, I find the ICE Rampage to be the most appealing. If I was going to go out and buy an Elite Rampage, I'd be really interested in getting one of these! But not at the $40 price tag. Oops, here's another mini-rant. TRU is lame for marking up their own exclusive blasters too. It's already bad enough they do it on those available everywhere. Note that you can get the ICE Rampage online at for 29.99 as I write this, but you'll get gouged if you walk into a store without looking first.

Lastly, there is the ICE Retaliator. I still think there are better single-action blasters out there. If it's your cup of tea, cool. Again, watch out. TRU is trying to yank $40 out of you for this on the shelves too.

Enjoy! ~Chris.

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