Friday, September 27, 2013

Price Drop on Rapidstrike - Get 'em while they're hot!

A quick heads up, Warriors! As I was looking for new product in local stores, I came upon a better price for the NERF Rapidstrike. The MSRP is at $39.99, but the price is currently lower than that!


Even those crooks at Toys R Us got in on the action, lowering their price to $34.99. But, of course, the best deal I found in the Colorado Springs are was at Wally World. $29.88 sings for this blaster. As promised, the Rapidstrike review is in our line-up for the near future. We aren't experiencing jamming or rate of fire issues that some of the other bloggers seem to be talking about. This should be a great assaulter or defender piece if you use it right. More to come on that.

So now you can go spend $30 instead of $40, or spend $40 to get even more NERF! ~Chris


  1. Check the Walmart website before u go, they have a $3 off coupon!
    From the page:
    Take a look at what I found on! SAVE $3 when you buy any one NERF Blaster $15.00 or more Check it out!