Tuesday, May 17, 2011

NERF Vortex, Part Trois

In their third Vortex video release, NERF has finally confirmed and officially released what the blasters are going to be called as part of the Vortex line. Getting an even better look at the blasters, I am personally twice as excited to try each of them out! The size of the blasters in the shot I picked above is obviously not proportional if you compare to the other two videos they've released.

We all were comparing the stock that comes with the Praxis to the Recon stock, but the new version looks loads more comfortable and sturdy. I, for one, am crossing my fingers that they release it in the N-Strike color scheme as well (not just the Gear Up version).

BTW . . . Vigilon? Weird name. Maybe it'll grow on me, but I think it's kind of weak.
~Chris Jacobs


  1. I kinda hope they keep the N-Strike and Vortex stuff their own separate colors. If they're truly going to go the route of N-Strike versus Vortex, it'd be odd to have colorschemes cross over. I do agree though, these names seem a bit odd in general, and Vigilon has the weakest tone to it. Perhaps we're just to used to the "extreme names" of previous blasters. I'm susprised we didn't see a Swarmstrikefirehyperfurystrike!

  2. I'd argue all or nothing on keeping the brands completely separate. Since it looks like the Praxis stock will fit the N-Strike blasters they've already failed. But I see where you're going :)

    LOL, it should have been the Swarmstrikefirehyperfurystrike EXTREME!