Saturday, April 23, 2011

More on the Vortex!

Well Warriors, today we write to you from the road. Coop and myself are just pulling in to Los Angeles in the company of our roommate (Hi, Mark). Be looking for another review in a week or so to finish up our special edition of NDTL blaster reviews! We get to do this one from a fun place on the coast!

So as you may have noticed, more Vortex visuals have made their way onto the Nerf Nation facebook page. This is an obvious marketing tactic to keep up excitement and interest for their new line. Well, for some of us, it's working! Take a look at this video below and then we'll make a few comments: 

Did you notice the slide-stop/release that makes these blaster feel just a little more realistic? I've got to say that it's notable that NERF is taking a step toward a realistic feel but still trying to keep away from a dangerous LOOK out of the box.

Also, the ammo looks different than a lot of people have been assuming on-line. It's not the foam disc donut that we've come to associate with Lanard's disc shooters. It still has the hollowed-out bottom, we assume to work with their spring, but the top is covered (perhaps to make stefan discs more difficult?). In fact these seem more like hardened foam like you see on some stock LARPing weapons. It's shiny material, but we hesitate to say plastic since NERF is always up on the safety aspects.

We kind of let a lot of the last video speak for itself as we're not here to steal NERF's thunder or to repeat what you can see for yourself. But if you missed something or just want to confirm what you saw, Urban Taggers has some great commentary over there. They've included some write-ups and break-downs that fans wrote for them.

Well on to enjoy the West Coast for the few days we're here. Anyone have some suggestions? Throw us a comment soon. We leave in 3 days!
~Chris Jacobs

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  1. The videos of Vortex have shown us enough to outline what they could be like but don't give us enough hard details to figure things out. Classic Teaser tactics! I do like that release feature and aesthetically, it's a breath of fresh air to see something that kids won't automatically say "It looks like an M4!" or what-have-you. The styling is unique enough to set them apart from blasters we've already seen.