Friday, April 29, 2011

"Glo" Swords At Toys'R'Us

Dart Tag Starter Set
(Image from

We just got back from Los Angeles a couple of days ago. We're happy to be back at HQ, but sad to leave the fun of the West Coast. While out there, Coop and I decided to take a little trip to an area Toys'R'Us just to compare the foam section a bit. The price gouging seems to be consistent at each Toys'R'Us. Though, unlike our local store, this one had the Dart Tag Starter pack with two training jerseys, two Sharp Shot blasters and two pair of vision gear goggles that I am tempted to call version 1.5.

Something cool we did discover on our outing were these new glow-in-the-dark foam swords. There are several designs and a few different colors too. We were both thinking that they're perfect for a little bit of visual modding to get a good cosplay going. Though the core doesn't run the length of the sword, so LARPing with them won't work out too well. We'll certainly be reviewing them in the near future along with NERF and other foam melee choices. Take a look:

Speaking of melee choices, you wouldn't believe some of the coverage we have coming in the weeks ahead. While out in L.A. we had the chance to talk with David Ballard, commissioner of the Foam Weapon League. What's that? Only an awesome new alternative sport that is soon to hit airwaves and the interwebs near you! Whether you're already a fan or not, there are some cool facts you're not going to want to miss out on. Also, have you ever heard of LARP? We delve into one SoCal group that was kind enough to show us the ropes.
We're really stoked about where the next episodes will be taking us!

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