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January 13th, 2014:
Up until early 2013, NERF was doing a weekly contest on Thursdays where they would encourage the NERF Nation to send in their best still photos of themselves and/or friends with their blasters. It's time to resurrect the tradition. So starting now, warriors, you are invited to submit your entries for Click Click BAMFs Shot of the Week. Send us your best action shots and group photos using any kind of foam weapon or blaster. A winner will be picked every Thursday and be posted on our "CCB Shot of the Week" page.

Earn your bragging rights today by sending your Shot of the Week entries to us via social media. Make sure to tag us (@ClickClickBAMF) and use the hashtags (#shotoftheweek).

Submitting your picture for consideration also gives us permission to repost your picture on our website and use it to promote the site.

January 16th Winner

Congrats to TJ Gerzina for his creative Shot of the Week entry! The caption that came with it was "New line of expanding ammo!!" Now we're going to have to ask him if he bough that car simply because of the color resemblance to a NERF dart! LOL, I 'd love to be able to shoot out a sweet ride when I needed to get somewhere.

January 24th Winner

Congrats to travelomo on Instagram for the winning Shot of the Week entry! When we looked at what we had been tagged in, suddenly we were looking down the barrels of a Barrel Break. Well played, travelomo, well played.

February 8th Winner

Randall Slinkard on facebook pulled out the win for his awesome Shot of the Week entry! I loved this one from the moment I saw it. I have to admit that the Attacknid creatures are simply awesome -even if they cheat at Chess! This one in particular is the Combat Creatures Attacknid Doom Razor. I'm interested in picking on up too! ~Chris

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