Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Click Click BAMF Rises Again!

Hey Warriors!

That new video is up that I promised. It's kind of long for a straight talking piece, so there are timecodes in the description for where I talk about what.

As you see, we just had to talk a little bit about the Youtube Partnership complaints. We appreciate all the support that fans are showing the community. It's just time to realize that Google isn't going to hand out prizes for existing. That's over and it's okay!

Looking ahead:
I don't know if you've seen the new press releases for the latest two Nerf announcements, but they're not bad! Foam From Above posted them and I haven't been thinking about the Infinus' dart loading system. I want to see this "motorized Quick-Load Technology; as kids feed darts into the blaster, the darts are automatically loaded into the 30-dart removable drum." My main worry is the potential for movable parts to get broken by human error or normal use. But I just have to check it out as soon as we can!

Oh, and that reality project we mentioned? More is definitely coming. I might be able to get a teaser trailer up by the end of February depending on what we shoot when. Feel free to comment or drop us a line over e-mail. Contact links above! ~CJ

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