Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sonic Series 2011 in Stores!

So NERF confirmed the newest blasters to join the Sonic Series today on facebook. Coop saw a new Sonic Series blaster at a Toys'R'Us in the L.A. area last week! So that means this year's Sonic Series blasters are hitting the shelves. Strangely, I was kind of hoping for a translucent blue line this year. Weird right?

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As always, I'll be looking forward to getting my hands on the latest Longstrike release. I've enjoyed the heck out of this particular design since it's initial release. Plus it really grew on me in our newest short film, "Cross-hair, Triple Threat" (still in editing). I guess it's something to do with snipers needing to blend in to any environment. Now to actually get it to sniper distance! In other words, yes we'll be starting our mod channel some time in the near future. I've been slowly accumulating all of the tools necessary to get us started. Thanks for your patience!

It's kind of sad that the Sonic Series are exclusive to Toys'R'Us, so we'll again be paying too much. . .

Here are the rest of the new images, courtesy of the NERF facebook fan page:

NERF Barrel Break Sonic Series. Check out the black foam whistlers. And even the ammo rail is translucent green on this.

NERF Barricade Sonic Series. Green foam, black head whistlers? Is that what we see in the chamber? What would be the best is if they remake the value pack version of this one to include a translucent green stock! Pretty please?

NERF Stampede Sonic Series. Green foam streamlines for this puppy. Wow, they kind of went all out for the proliferation of dart styles on this release! Not sure I'm as impressed with this one as when the Vulcan came out in green. Is it just the angle, or is that shield not translucent? Check out the solid orange bipod/handle too.

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