Thursday, October 17, 2019

OFFICIAL Touring Nerf Arena Warfare?

Some great news for any warriors that have been following Nerf's foray into formalized arena combat. They are making their US debut this December (2019) to kick off a 2020 tour across the US and Canada. Tickets go on sale on October 28th! The LA Event starts December 7th with future dates still to be announced. Check out the link at the end of this article for more!

Now, this isn't to be confused with the Nerf Xperience Arena that was launched in Singapore earlier this month and is said to be coming to the US in late 2020. That's apparently a whole different thing. Those will be permanent "Family Entertainment Centers".

As for this touring experience, a release from the PR folks says there will be a huge stage inside a 50,000 square foot pop-up. "Surrounding the stage will be three themed arenas: Urban Playground, Strange Cargo, and Blast Man Standing, where visitors team up and compete in various challenges powered by various NERF-centric equipment."

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Yet another reboot...? and working with a friend!

What's up, Warriors?!

Long time, no talk. I hope this little note finds you well. I've missed you!

I don't know if you've caught up yet, but we've been able to flex the creative editing muscle a little bit with our friends at Foam From Above!
Check out the latest and greatest videos from Vas the Stampede over there. This badass-looking golden X-Shot Chaos line is the latest, but we've had a chance to work together on the last several.

More to come with obligatory explanations about our absence and so on. Let's say for now, F2A kept me going on the hobby during a dark age. I'm very excited for now to just be lining up to play in games all over the midwest and maybe back West a little bit too! Let us know what you think of the new edits!

Click Click BAMF (left) and Foam From Above (right) just chillin'.

In other news, Coop might be doing a thing soon too! (No, not that coop. Calm down.)
Alright warriors, until we meet again; Game On!


Saturday, April 7, 2018

Nanofire in the Wild

The wifey found the two colors of Nanofire out in the wild at ALDI here in Iowa just after Easter.

The Nerf N-Strike Nanofire is a new release this year. They've got it in blue and green. There are two holes on the top for horizontal ammo storage.

The official description: 
This compact Nerf blaster lets kids take it almost anywhere to start blasting almost anytime! Load 1 dart into the barrel, pull down the priming handle, and pull the trigger to fire. Reload and fire again! Storage for 2 darts on the handle. Comes with 3 Elite darts. Available in 2 colors: blue and red (each sold separately).

Yeah, you read that right. It says the two colors are blue and red. So the question is, will we see a red one, too?
Many will just write these off as Jolt repacking, and that's not totally untrue. To be exact, this is a repackage of an older repackage of the Jolt. The blaster was called the Dart Tag Stinger that came out in 2013. The biggest draw I see is that you're getting good, usable blasters for family wars or single-shot-only games for 4 bucks if you get them at ALDI.

If you're not lucky enough to have an ALDI nearby, they're going for 10.99 on at this writing. Better yet,  go to and get it for the MSRP of $4.99.

Sorry for the short blurb. Today, we're heading out for an anniversary game at Carnegie Stout Public Library in Dubuque, Iowa. We'll be recording a review on the road, finalizing interviews for our new series we've been promising and playing in two hours of non-stop Nerf action among the stacks in an actual Carnegie library!

I love this job! ~CJ

Friday, February 23, 2018

The Nerf Neophyte

Hmm. Maybe this on never technically posted. Welcome Corbin Millard to the Click Click BAMF team. Corbin is just getting into Nerf for the first time as a "kiddult". He told me that he was really tempted by the ammo and the sleekness of the new blaster designs. So here we unboxed and reviewed the Nerf Rival Hera.

We talked about terminology in the video a little bit. As you may know, we say things like rounds, dart and ammo instead of bullets. We also refer to the toys overall as blasters. While these are reminiscent of guns, they are toys. We want to separate them for those who need to know the differences!

You can check out the Hera and the Hera Battle Gear Bundle through our affiliate links here.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

TOY FAIR REPORT: Even More New Blasters Announced

This post will update with images and thoughts throughout the week.

Now for a couple of Nerf things we didn't really hear about during the Toy Fair 2018 coverage and a few things we just have more on.

The one I didn't hear a peep on or see anything on for sure was the Nerf Doomlands Holdout. The pic comes from our friends at Nerf and the description comes from their Hasbro Product Page.

NERF DOOMLANDS HOLDOUTIn a post-apocalyptic future, the Earth is left a barren, lawless wasteland. Out of the ashes, a lone hero emerges to bring justice to a doomed land. This is the world of Doomlands! Scope out some action with the Holdout blaster, which has a removable targeting scope that slides onto a tactical rail. Load a dart into this single-shot blaster, pull back the handle, and pull the trigger to fire. Includes 2 Elite darts that can be stored on the scope.• Includes 2 blasters and 2 darts.• Single-shot blaster• Detachable scope• Includes 2 Elite Doomlands darts• Transparent area reveals inner firing mechanism• Ages 8 and up

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

New Click Click BAMF T-Shirts for Nerf and Foam Warfare Fans!

What's up, Warriors!? I'll tell you what's up; new t-shirt designs!

We got approved for our Amazon Merch account over the weekend and started submitting the work. You've got to be careful with the way their shop works though. You can't say things like Youtube and Nerf in the description because they (Amazon) view it as a copyright infringement. That's unfortunate for people searching for things like "Nerf" on Amazon, because they won't find our designs as easily as you.

R U Nerfous? - $25.00
It's a word. Well, at least it's a word now. Check out the listing for the new dictionary definition we put on the back.

It's just kind of a different way to celebrate your Nerf fandom.

Official Fan Shirt - $35.00
This one costs a little more, for a couple of reasons.
As you know, we've been working hard on a pilot for our new reality series, "Nerfing in Unconventional Place (Working Title)".  Your purchase of this shirt will allow us to expand the budget on this and other projects!
In addition to supporting the brand, you'll also get special access to any events that Click Click BAMF puts on this year. Your ticket will automatically be upgraded to VIP if you wear the shirt!

"What's up, Warriors?" -$19.99
Well, the name says it all. You know we start almost every video with that phrase. Not everybody has expendable income, so we wanted to make a less expensive shirt to rock your fandom right away!

TOY FAIR: Brand Name Chronographs Enter the Market

Well, warriors. Just after we released our review of a new option for nerf chronographs, two of our favorite companies came back at us with their own brand-name chrony merchandise.

Nerf came out with a chronograph and ammo counter combined. You can see it in the foreground of this pic from Foam From Above. He was all over the showroom early on at the Toy Fair in New York this past weekend.

It looks like their product attaches as a barrel accessory with all the compatible streamline/elite firing blasters. Plus, there is a tac rail on the underside. The release is pasted at the bottom of this post. Check out Foam From Above's first-hand write-ups for more on this new release. I am pretty excited about the price-point.