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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New NERF Teaser video

Just doing some catching up here, warriors. It was a busy week in news locally in Colorado Springs. Unfortunately, that leaves me catching up on several things -even further behind than before.

This isn't really new news, but it does show a few things possibly in store for Nerf. Check out the video below and then we'll talk about it.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Rhino Fire, Part 2

Good news, warriors. NERF got back to us with the official release concerning the Rhino Fire we reported on earlier today. Some good things and possibly worrisome notes in the mix.

NEW NERF Rhino Fire Charges onto the Scene

Check it out, Warriors! Looks like the big bad blaster for the season may have already leaked out! Check out what showed up on the Spanish Amazon site. The box art calls it the Rhino Fire while the site calls it the Rhino Strike.

Now, it doesn't show in stock yet, but that's only a matter of time. At first glance, this looks like the new answer to the Vulcan/Havok of old. With the large bipod and high dual output, this looks to be the new "turret" weapon for the market.

Just from looking at the artwork, you can see that this will be drum-fed (likely flywheel-fired). It looks like the back has a similar trigger system to the Vulcan. There looks to be a tactical rail -at least on the right front and the top.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sighting Report - NERF Rebelle Secrets and Spies

The products that we've been awaiting from the Rebelle Secrets and Spies line have hit the shelves! No sign of the Rapid Red, but everything else seems to be there -at least at the Toys R Us in Colorado Springs.

Of the most interest may be the Agent Bow. It's NERF's first real foray into the world of actual bow-fired arrows. Sure, they've had things with the word "bow" in the name. However, this one seems to be the first direct competition to the Zing bows from NERF.

It claims 85 feet for the Range. That's shy of the 100 foot MEGA distances. I wonder how they will fair with this completely new-to-Nerf projectile! BTW, you'll drop 30-bucks plus tax on it.

Strangely, it is not on or the Rebelle website. Well . . . none of the new Secrets and Spies blasters have popped up on the official website.

The Spylight does look like a Strongarm with a flashlight attachment as expected. I left this one on the shelf, but I can see the appeal for some. I think I may stick with the Firestike if I want a light and the Hammershot if I want a revolver.

It lists at $19.99 - so you're spending another 7 bucks over the Strongarm for the flashlight and the Messenger darts.

I'm not quite sure what to make of the Diamondista. It's modeled after a crossbow like blasters across the NERF branding.

At $9.99, this is the most basic blaster in price and size in the Secrets and Spies releases. The original description NERF sent describes this as a blaster for missions that require elegance.

We did grab one of these too, so some more info will be on the way.

I don't know what happened to my picture of the Messenger blaster, but you can see it to the left in this shot of the Knock Out Gallery. All of the Secrets and Spies blasters come with the tech to "decode" messages from this one. It's S14.99 for this one. Obviously, you seem to be paying for the new "secret messaging" tech here.

As for the Knock Out Gallery, it's a basic target-shooting blaster. Meet the Jolt, Rebelle version. When I was in store, they had a deal running where you could buy the Knock Out Gallery and get a 12-pack refill of Rebelle darts for free.  Turns out they are running a promotion online where you can get the free 12-pack with ANY Rebelle blaster that costs $9.99 or more. Note that its the regular dart refill pack and not the Secrets and Spies version.

Target was running a similar deal today in Colorado Springs where you could get a free 12-pack of elite darts with any qualifying N-Strike, MEGA or Vortex purchase.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Demolisher and Others Available Online

Check out, warriors. It holds all of the blasters we just saw at the Nerf All Access event last night! You need to see #nerfallaccess on social media for other little tidbits. Don't worry, we're working on more video too!

The Nerf Elite 2-in-1 Demolisher is listed at it's MSRP of $39.99. It comes with 10 Elite darts for the banana clip and two missiles -one for the chamber and one for the storage.

The missile launcher definitely brings the intimidation factor back like the Titan used to show off. If you want an updated Stryfe with the added joy of a launcher, this is your new main.

The Nerf MEGA Thunderbow is listed at $39.99 too. To be clear, when Amazon says the blaster fires 5 darts at a time, they mean in a row -not at once.

I really look forward to getting the Thunderbow. Along with the bow from the Rebelle line, I think it this will be the first time NERF has given us a completely new option. The Zing bows really do get some competition with this one.

The NERF Cam ECS 12 also showed up on Amazon. It lists as The Nerf Pro-Cam. The folks at NERF HQ told us that this will remain as an online-only blaster for now, so don't bother waiting for it to show up in stores.

The price-point is still really high on this one. You're looking at dropping $70 on it. The performance was really good at the All Access event. 70 bucks good? I'm still not sure.

The Slingfire was also listed on Amazon, but it went back to "currently unavailable" at the moment. The Slingfire is back up on Amazon too! This one seems like a lot of fun. Using it, you get a great feel like you are in a cross between the wild west and post apocalyptica. And have you seen the trick shots that Vas the Stampede and F2A was pulling off?

The NERF Attacknid was at the event too, but was still a prototype. For now I still have my eyes set on the Stealth Stryder from Combat Creatures. A designer with the NERF Attacknid told me that they worked to simplify the NERF version. It won't have all the bells and whistles, but should function well for everybody.

Any specific one of these you're going after? ~Chris

Thursday, June 26, 2014

NERF All Access Party - Thunderbow

Warriors! I had to keep it "hush-hush" until the day of, but we have plenty of video and pics from the NERF All Access party that just happened tonight in New York.

NERF was awesome enough to invite a select group of bloggers out for yet another kickoff of some of their flagship blasters for the season.

Among the other products was the MEGA Thunderbow. Honestly, I had somewhat forgotten about it because it feels like forever since it was announced. Well, I certainly won't forget it now!

Not only am I impressed by all of the physical qualities, this blaster also has the potential to completely kick ass and take names. Just look at what we did with a few seconds of fooling around.

What trick shots are you hoping to try?

More NERF info coming out of the event soon! And don't forget the facebook contest we announced. (Hint: Look at the blog about the Google Hangout for the information!)

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hanging Out With NERF HQ

Some inside news coming your way, warriors! We had a great opportunity to sit down -albeit digitally- with NERF team members this week and ask some questions that you've been throwing our way. It wasn't only us though. We had the chance to join forces with Adult Fans of Nerf, Blasterlabs, Basic Nerf, Foam From Above and Shining Foam too. Everybody had some great questions to pitch and members of Design and Marketing at NERF were willing to play ball. As promised, details on a new contest are at the end of the blog! Now, here are some of the highlights from the hangout:

Up front, the team made sure we knew that not all the tricks were out of the bag this year. They told of a new big release coming in Fall timeframe (in time for the Holidays). There is at least one big blaster that hasn't been announced yet.

With that said, let's get into some of the questions!

Zed Squad

Warriors! By now you may have heard about the new "Zed Squad" blasters that NERF is putting out.  In the past week, Target has listed the new products and apparently they will get the new stuff as exclusive through at least this year.

Warriors have been asking for a new Longshot for years and hearing rumors of the Zombie Strike Longshot for weeks. Now it's listed at Target! As you'll see in a blog later today, the design team tells us that the ranges really will not have changed much for the blaster, but it will be using the Zombie Strike/Elite darts. Plus, accessories aren't completely dead with the return and repaint of the Longshot scope!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

NERF Summer Gear Drop 2014

Warriors. We were lucky enough to get a new box from NERF this week. Check out some of the swag! Nerf threw a limited print T-shirt our way. Really just going to spam these up. with a little commentary.

The letter we got, signed by a Hasbro VP, tells us that this is a limited print T-shirt that won't be in stores. I'll wear this proudly!

They made sure to include another Super Soaker Double Drench after I told them we were getting a kick out of the first one they sent.

You see we got a second Ultimate NERF blaster book. Methinks there will be a book giveaway soon at Click Click BAMF!

Nerf dog football. I scared the heck out of my cats and myself when I discovered this was a squeaky toy at  in the morning!
NERF Hat. Represent.
 NERF water bottle. Gots to stay hydrated with all that warring. Seriously, make sure you drink enough water in the hot weather guys. Even in a water fight, you're getting dehydrated.

This NERF poster is cool. It makes me think of a lot of 80's and 90's designs I grew up with. Check out the blaster silhouette on it. Makes me think of our logo just a bit!

I've had my eye on the walkie-talkies for a while. Now we get to see how they hold up on foam combat! Have you had any experience with them? Let me know!

Keep your eyes open warriors. Within a day, I'll have highlights from an exclusive hangout some other bloggers and I got to have with some folks at NERF HQ. Even more new NERF coverage coming within a week from now! And about that giveaway? New details in the next blog! ~Chris

Monday, June 9, 2014

Road Trip

Hey Warriors!

Writing to you from the airport in Seattle right now. Moved my brother out this way over the weekend and decided to include a couple of blog-related stops on the way.

Sadly, I missed being able stop in at Dart Zone Meridian in the Boise area. They had a glow-war night on Friday that I wanted to check out. Such is the life when making a road trip. I did get to take a selfie in front of the sign and will be back to check it out!

The Dart Warz/Dart Zone warriors tell me that the Nerf Ninja was out in full force this weekend. I'm in the process of editing some commercial work for and some war footage for the blog too! If you never got the chance, you should see the video episode about the Dart Warz folks here:

Yesterday, I got the chance to swing by The Tag Zone in the Seattle area. Tag Zone is another indoor NERF battle business, but built with a slightly more militaristic approach. We'll have to tide you over with these images while I catch up on all sorts of other work and life.

I fly back to Colorado Springs tonight and get right back to work at the day job. Keep your eyes open, though. Rumor has it that I'll be heading to the other coast soon! ~Chris

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Super Soaker Reviews Begin

Well -after a brief hiatus, we begin the Super Soaker review process! First up is the un-boxing of the Super Soaker Tri-Strike Crossbow. NERF and the community both seem to have fallen in love with crossbows as of late.

The MSRP is $24.99. It might be a little steep for what this is, but we'll get into that in the review shortly. ~Chris

Monday, April 7, 2014

NERF Sent Us Super Soakers!

The time has come! Spring Break was this past week (or the one before that) for most kids in my area. It's a time that signals warmer weather and Summer fun being just around the corner. For some of you, warmer weather may already be a constant, but around Colorado, the weather stays bi-polar. So, we'll hope for the best.

To gear up for Spring/Summer 2014, our friends at NERF sent us the package seen in this video so that we can bring you info on some of the best toys to get!

(Click through for more news on our upcoming Super Soaker reviews)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Ultimate NERF Endgame - ThermoNERFular War

So, now that April Fool's is drawing to a close, let's get real. As you may have figured out pretty quick, this was indeed on of the fun pranks put on by the guys over at ThinkGeek. But now, you have the opportunity to push for it to become a reality! Get over to the reveal page and go to the bottom to vote for the NERF Nuke to get made into an actual thing. Would Hasbro ever go for it? Who knows! Is it worth the try? Yes! ~Chris

Warriors! Have you heard the latest news? The brains over at ThinkGeek just brought something out to level the playing field in your office, home or anywhere else that you can't or just won't face the enemy head on! You just have to see it to believe it:

I've been waiting for something to come along that's better than the Lanard grenade. The grenade is a great concept, but execution wasn't always the best. The bottom is weighted so that the tip (which houses the firing trigger) would generally hit the ground first, but that doesn't always work. I wonder the guys at ThinkGeek and Nerf did to make the Nuke more effective?

Friday, March 28, 2014

Breaking News - BOOMCO - Here comes the Boom?

Check out the latest information moving around the Nerf internet community. Mattel is getting into the blaster game full-force with the release of their BOOMco line of blasters this Fall (2014)! Well, some material has said Fall, some has declared Summer. Either way, we're interested.

BOOMco released their promo videos a couple of weeks ago on Youtube -giving BOOMCco their own channel, but the news is really starting to circulate today thanks to MarcusH26051 on Reddit and other bloggers like blasterlabs and Adult Fans of NERF on the trail.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Huntsman

Hey Warriors! Check out this latest review from us here at Click Click BAMF. I was planning to get to this review a long time ago, but other stuff got in the way. But here it is now! It's the Lanard Hunstman 50 (or Commando 12).

Sadly, There still isn't a great stock sniper blaster out there. This one comes close -especially in looks.

And a heads up; We're bringing our "Shot of the Week" back at the end of the coming week. As you know, we started the weekly invite just after the new year. We took our Spring Break early so that we could bring you more material during actual Spring breaks in our area. More material coming about Nerf, Dart Warz Centennial, Lanard and others!

Monday, March 3, 2014

SNIPE - More Than The New Duck Hunt

Warriors, you did hear about the new interactive app based on nerf target practice, right? In amongst all the other announcements coming from and during the Toy Fair, the upcoming Snipe app started getting attention as well. This is another one of those endeavors to combine foam dart shooting with tech advances. Check out the little teaser video that X N Touch put out:

It looks like a really fun concept. We've seen a lot of technological development with NERF and foam blasters in the last year. You've probably seen our coverage of the concepts behind Tek Recon, Attacknid and now Tek Strike too.

The folks behind Snipe say they hope to change the way people play shooting games. They suggest that family members will no longer fall victim to your foam darts if you have alternative targets like Snipe will provide. LOL, yeah right!

As I look at SNIPE, I can't help but think about the old game I used to play on the original NES Nintendo console; Duck Hunt. You would plug in a toy gun controller and shoot at ducks on the screen. So at first I was kind of feeling like Snipe was taking a step back. Why do I need all of this tech (Ipad, new darts, new app) when I can just shoot at somebody? But stop and think about it. You can integrate this thing into all sorts of games. The boys on Nerfcast were talking about it too.

There's no way that Snipe should replace other Nerf gaming in general, but I think this system has awesome potential as an augment to Nerf Wars all over. You could test different weapons at check-in if you are renting or letting someone get used to a blaster you are loaning them. You could integrate Snipe into a course as targets that keep track of hits. Settle your arguments about who is best with a purely objective judge using their target tree. The possibilities are awesome.

They have a completely new dart type that they are adding to the mix along with the app. These darts look very similar to the earlier N-Strike Suction darts (not Elite) with the large suction cup on the front. You can see the spiral design they've incorporated into it. This is apparently mostly for the unique look, but I am looking forward to seeing if that helps the aerodynamics in any regard.

X N Touch says that the SNIPE DART is designed to be a safe, app-integrated projectile. Both the foam and the rubber tip are conductive to ensure that your touch-screen will register a hit. However, that hit is reported to register even less force on your device's screen than your hand typing on it.

The makers say that the dart can fit into most NERF blaster and other blasters as well. I figure they mean most front-loading blasters. You probably don't want to be sending these darts through your clip-system blasters.

X N Touch says they should be ready for pre-order by April. Do you think you want to be on that list? ~Chris

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

MEGA Redemption, MEGA Magnus Makes Us Reconsider

Fun times, warriors. We took a moment in all of the other NERF news that has been coming out to get out our thoughts on the new NERF N-Strike Elite MEGA Magnus.

The Magnus may have saved the hope for the MEGA line in my opinion. Now there is a viable option for a sidearm that makes the MEGA darts worthwhile. As we said in the unboxing blog, the Magnus comes off like the desert eagle of NERF. The intimidation factor alone may be a reason for some warriors to pick it up and use it. The MEGA Centurion just didn't cut it. You can check out that blog here if you'd like to see more about it.

We know that the MEGA Thunderbow has been making the rounds at the Toy Fairs too since we told you about it being announced in January. Foam From Above got a hands-on look at it during the New York toy fair too!

Well warriors, are you sold on the MEGA line or are you still waiting for that one blaster that you like? ~Chris

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Drone Squad RC Car - The next Foam Drone Review

If you've been following, warriors, you know that I've been testing out different "foam drones" ahead of the Toy Fair this year. This was in anticipation of what you may have heard about: The NERF Combat Creature Attacknid. You can check out the small blog about that here and soon I'll get to an Attacknid write-up and review too. For now, check out the New Bright RC Drone Squad car that I grabbed from Amazon:

Monday, February 17, 2014

BREAKING! - NERF TekStrike, New Tech for Nerf Blasters!

Exciting tech news from the Toy Fair floor, warriors! EyeSpy Toys just gave us a direct heads up on a new product line called Nerf TekStrike. Programmable Smart Darts, hit recognition tech and Bluetooth connectivity. Well, it looks like NERF is taking the next step in wireless play!

This is the "TekStrike Storm Shield" which attaches as an accessory to any NERF tactical rail. With the use of Bluetooth and RFID tech, the Smart Darts are tracked all across the field. Apparently we will be able to assign HIT points to a shooter/player and then the Shield will track hits and damage.

I am interested to see if this technology will be as easy to use as they say. Apparently you mark darts as yours by just swiping them against your own Storm Shield and start firing. You also can use your smartphone to keep track of stats and do upgrades as you earn them. They say all of this will be free (instead of purchasing upgrades like with Tek Recon).

NEW NERF Attacknid VS Stealth Stryder

It's interesting to see Combat Creatures and Nerf come together like this. Foam From Above and others saw a NERF version of the Attacknid at the NERF booth at the New York Toy Fair. Thanks to Foam From Above for the coverage!

You can see that this version of the Attacknid has no armor to shoot off and you can't really see a head like on the original creations. I like what the original Attacknids have with the armor etc. I hope that NERF goes back in that direction as they develop their version for release.

Vas the Stampede from Foam From Above was told that everything is rather preliminary on the product, so we'll probably still be seeing some changes as they go. Even the box art was a concept that they put out to tease us. A $79.99 price was being quoted by some reps to bloggers. We should be seeing these in the Fall.

Unless NERF convinces Combat Creatures to disappear from Target and, I'm afraid they'll have a hard run for their money at that $79.99 price. The Attacknid Doom Razor with Snypa dart launcher is down to 50 dollars in local Target stores and the version with a disc blaster is 50 bucks on Amazon.

Even better, Combat Creatures just announced the release of their newest Attacknid, the Stealth Stryder. This one can be operated by an app on your smart phone! It started out on Amazon for 70 bucks.

With these options available, I don't think I'd be inclined to drop more money just for the NERF name on the product. Again, they said things would be changing, so perhaps we'll see something even better by this Fall.

So we have foam drones with tracks, wheels and legs -even some that fire from the air (though not foam). We'll have to pull off some head-to-head reviews as we go to see how these will stand up against each other. So far, it looks like it will be a Combat Creatures Attacknid versus the VMD Cannon Commando! ~Chris