The Story of Click Click BAMF

Click Click BAMF is a company dedicated to the enjoyment, procurement and promotion of foam weaponry.

We began in 2010 as the brain-child of two filmmakers and roommates who were simply sparring in the back yard with NERF swords. We had such fun that we decided to see what others might think of NERF on social media. Of course, we found loads of blaster films on youtube. Then, we encountered the mighty CACox97's reviews there and decided that we wanted to add our own take. The "kiddult" movement in foam fandom was growing. Thus, we began an adventure:

We had the luck of getting the attention of Hasbro/NERF's PR firm and and got chance to receive and review products ahead of them hitting shelves in many cases. This was back in the earlier days of the Nerf Internet Community movement and when partnership in Youtube took work.

In late 2015, Chris went quiet as far as Click Click BAMF was concerned. But in Early 2018, Click Click BAMF is coming back with gusto.

Lots of changes and new directions since our first episode in late 2010. Time is always an enemy as far as getting new material up. Check through some of the old episodes for some of the work on different theatrical ideas and developments.

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